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Top 8 Best Longboard Brands In 2019

In a world of full products, you may get bored with this point as you have no idea which one is good and which one is awful. Similarly, the longboard market is saturated these days.

There are tons of models which are available in some streams that make you confused a lot. In that case, go with the brand is a smart choice. And this is the reason I think that I have to assist you with this homework. Here are my top 8 best longboard brands in 2019 that you can come across.



Don’t surprise that I mentioned Quest for the first position on my list. Many of us suspect that this brand name is not magnificent to look deeper in details. Nonetheless, they probably think twice because of the high-density quality standard.

Despite a young name, other rivals have to learn something such as its wonderful models, competitive price points, and durable lifespan. They even mustn’t produce tons of longboards or skateboards every year. Instead, the company concentrates on top-class products only.

For the past few years, they launched some basic models only. But now, they generate many types of boards for any user. They don’t have to throw hundreds of bucks for polishing the brands. It is bright by true quality.

There’re some collections that you can view further – The 44-inch original, the 36-inch SC Remix, the California Native, the Rorshack Cruiser, the Native Spirit, and the Zero Dark 40.

Sector 9

Sector 9
Sector 9

It seems to be surprised that Sector 9 never stops its hot brand on the market from time to time. The good news is that you are free to hook any product randomly, but the bad news is that you’ll get stuck on a wide selection on hands. In other words, it is difficult to identify which one is the smartest choice for your situation.

To help you in this game, I divide into the collection in different series. It is based on quality or styles.

Platinum series

Platinum is the best of the best term for proving a product. With the longboards, the firm often produces boards for all of downhill and free-ride players in these series High speed and stability are a must. There is one stuff you should bear in mind is the cost. It is more expensive than other series.

Bamboo series

No matter you are going to pick a short deck or a long one, Bamboo always gives you a variety of different boards. Of course, the major material is bamboo. You possibly find out some tiny materials inside. Guess what!

Sidewinder series

If your budget is really tight, you will have another option in this brand name. Sidewinder series is a safe place to land off a top-notch board. Thanks to the good decks, wheels, and bearings, carving and cruising are easier for any skater.

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What Are The Fastest Skateboard Wheels?

It is supposed that wheels on a skateboard are not important because players mostly control the deck. The fact is that wheels can decide how well your performance is and they may cause unpredicted accidents. Thus, remove that thought and taking care of the skateboard wheels while undertaking your purchase process. For those who want to update their speed level, wheels play a primary role.

Bones STF Street Tech Formula Skateboard V4 Wheels

Bones STF Street Tech Formula Skateboard V4 Wheels (Standard, Set of 4)

Bones STF Street Tech Formula wheels are solid and fast in rolling whenever you want to slide without flat biting. How could you control the deck while staying ahead of the road? Wheels can do it because STF can last many times longer than other indistinguishable wheels. The technology of the STF is demonstrated.

You don’t need to see the hype or the advertising information as well. Instead, test out on the quality on the next time and get your own experience. There are two main types of wheels in the Bones STF – the A category and the B one.

The Shore Durometer A Scale is fine, but it cannot cover totally in the entire deck. The Durometer B, on the other hand, could be expanded 20 points to cover the entire range on the board.

The D scale does not help you get a power skateboarding and you hardly achieve high-level of precision with enjoyment.

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

Powell-Peralta Rat Bones Skateboard Wheels 60mm 85A (Black)
Powell-Peralta Rat Bones Skateboard Wheels 60mm 85A (Black)

Powell Peralta is thoroughly different from the Bones STF, but it does not mean these wheels are not versatile. They are preferable for frequent skateboard and cruising as well. This is the reason they often have a lot of good feedback from previous buyers over the decades.

Based on my experience, you should wear riser pads before riding as wheels are huge for a normal skateboard. These wheels are softer than the STF, so you are not scared when sliding. In addition, you can control plenty of unexpected incidents by getting traction and speed.

Another incredible advantage in those wheels is their capability to ride on urban terrains. You are able to get fast skating as compared to others whereas monitoring cuts and slides.

Don’t forget to check the price point carefully before buying a set of cruiser wheels.

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Longboard vs. Skateboard: Which is Right for You?

The right type for the right style

Here is a common issue!

Many beginner skateboarders are confused or don’t know which skateboard types are best for them. I understand you feel challenging to know what is best for you while you don’t know a lot about skateboarding.

I will help you by explaining the two most common types of board in this article: Longboard vs. Skateboard.

I promise this guide will provide you with everything you needed to pick the right skateboard.

Longboard vs. Skateboard
Longboard vs. Skateboard

The best is the one that matches you!

Longboard is optimized for speed

Let’s jump right in!

Longboards earn lots of love from skateboarders mostly due to the high speed and great mobility. They are best for cruising on the street, sliding, carving sidewalks, downhill skating or even racing.

You can easily notice their differences compared to the normal skateboards with these features:


  • Long deck – usually between 7.5 inches to 9.5 inches
  • Soft wheels – bouncy, and gives lots of pop. 73A to 87A durometer
  • Big wheels – high speed, but slow acceleration. 60mm diameter plus
  • Ratings – ABEC 7 to 9 ratings, even Skate rated

Regardless of your skill level, don’t worry too much as the Longboards suits for everyone.

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