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What Are The Fastest Skateboard Wheels?

It is supposed that wheels on a skateboard are not important because players mostly control the deck. The fact is that wheels can decide how well your performance is and they may cause unpredicted accidents. Thus, remove that thought and taking care of the skateboard wheels while undertaking your purchase process. For those who want to update their speed level, wheels play a primary role.

Bones STF Street Tech Formula Skateboard V4 Wheels

Bones STF Street Tech Formula Skateboard V4 Wheels (Standard, Set of 4)

Bones STF Street Tech Formula wheels are solid and fast in rolling whenever you want to slide without flat biting. How could you control the deck while staying ahead of the road? Wheels can do it because STF can last many times longer than other indistinguishable wheels. The technology of the STF is demonstrated.

You don’t need to see the hype or the advertising information as well. Instead, test out on the quality on the next time and get your own experience. There are two main types of wheels in the Bones STF – the A category and the B one.

The Shore Durometer A Scale is fine, but it cannot cover totally in the entire deck. The Durometer B, on the other hand, could be expanded 20 points to cover the entire range on the board.

The D scale does not help you get a power skateboarding and you hardly achieve high-level of precision with enjoyment.

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

Powell-Peralta Rat Bones Skateboard Wheels 60mm 85A (Black)
Powell-Peralta Rat Bones Skateboard Wheels 60mm 85A (Black)

Powell Peralta is thoroughly different from the Bones STF, but it does not mean these wheels are not versatile. They are preferable for frequent skateboard and cruising as well. This is the reason they often have a lot of good feedback from previous buyers over the decades.

Based on my experience, you should wear riser pads before riding as wheels are huge for a normal skateboard. These wheels are softer than the STF, so you are not scared when sliding. In addition, you can control plenty of unexpected incidents by getting traction and speed.

Another incredible advantage in those wheels is their capability to ride on urban terrains. You are able to get fast skating as compared to others whereas monitoring cuts and slides.

Don’t forget to check the price point carefully before buying a set of cruiser wheels.

Ricta Clouds SkateBoard Wheels

Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4) (White/Blue 78A, 54mm)
Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4) (White/Blue 78A, 54mm)

Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels is the next suggestion if you are looking for the fastest skateboard wheels. The brand is also reliable in the middle of the path for different terrains and purposes.

The board has the white color with a blue one in their logo. No matter you are starters or an experienced player, different sizes are adaptable for many skating requirements.

The surface of wheels, in addition to, is unwrinkled due to a high-quality coating on the top. This point may help users come up with their speed on any terrain with additional traction. Despite the conventional style, all you need about top-notch wheels will converge at a point.

Shark Wheel California Roll

Shark Wheel California Roll 60mm 78A Small Longboard Skateboard Wheels, Blue
Shark Wheel California Roll 60mm 78A Small Longboard Skateboard Wheels, Blue

Shark Wheel California Roll is another option if you want to own a classic style of wheels on your boards. Although the shape has some vintage points, the firm usually reinvents products all of the time.

When the width is expanded, the friction should be decreased to eliminate wheel-biting accidents. The shape is unique because of the sine wave offering three lips in each wheel for higher-ranking grip. Wheels can break easily and safely when you need to slide. And they help you get a quick ride along with the deck.

The pattern of grooves support sand, liquid or other debris cannot cling to wheels, giving a stiff contact with the flat.

If you’re looking for the fastest skateboard wheels, you won’t ignore them for a wide range of reasons. They don’t give more friction to support you speeding up without adding much effort.

Spitfire Skateboard Wheels Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Spitfire Classic Series 50mm High Performance Skateboard Wheel (Set of 4)
Spitfire Classic Series 50mm High Performance Skateboard Wheel (Set of 4)

When you want to go faster, considering the fastest skateboard wheels is a must, but it is not simple to keep up with. Spitfire Skateboard Wheels Hybrid may cover all your needs. Moreover, the price is fairly reasonable. They help you get accurate 99 durometers that you can handle the board smoothly.

Spitfire wheels provide high-density quality for terrains and even in a park. Amphetamine bearings, on the other hand, are another good example of high-speed items for longboarding. Ceramic and steel bearings also make your performance more solidly.

You don’t genuinely go wrong with a great combination, as you can fit them on a deck. You’ll agree that you might get what you paid for from wheels to bearings in this brand.

Tiger Boards Skateboard Wheels (59mm)

Tiger Boards 59mm Skateboard Wheels 78a (4 Pack) (Black)
Tiger Boards 59mm Skateboard Wheels 78a (4 Pack) (Black)

Tiger Boards are not a hot brand but the company still generates the products with high-class items. They have different colors which are stylish for creating a true fashion statement. Wheels are also soft enough for replacing in an equivalent size of the boards.

The wheels have 59 inches, so they are preferable for cruising skateboards and longboards only. This is because wheels are wide and tall to match on small boards and tricks. However, venture trucks are fine with those wheels. The price is below $20, so I think that you hardly find out a good quality product at the same cost.

Wheels are not suitable for a skating game as you have to control the entire board a lot. It makes you feel tired and hurt on your feet. Instead, it’s a good idea to skate around the park to support your feet controlling the board. They’re fast enough for smooth roads.

Final Words

To get the quickest skateboard wheels, you should also pay attention to the surfaces as well. Wheels and terrains can become a suitable couple to help you boost your speed. Try them out is vital and worthy for your valuable boards.

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