Top 8 Best Longboard Brands In 2019
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Top 8 Best Longboard Brands In 2019

In a world of full products, you may get bored with this point as you have no idea which one is good and which one is awful. Similarly, the longboard market is saturated these days.

There are tons of models which are available in some streams that make you confused a lot. In that case, go with the brand is a smart choice. And this is the reason I think that I have to assist you with this homework. Here are my top 8 best longboard brands in 2019 that you can come across.



Don’t surprise that I mentioned Quest for the first position on my list. Many of us suspect that this brand name is not magnificent to look deeper in details. Nonetheless, they probably think twice because of the high-density quality standard.

Despite a young name, other rivals have to learn something such as its wonderful models, competitive price points, and durable lifespan. They even mustn’t produce tons of longboards or skateboards every year. Instead, the company concentrates on top-class products only.

For the past few years, they launched some basic models only. But now, they generate many types of boards for any user. They don’t have to throw hundreds of bucks for polishing the brands. It is bright by true quality.

There’re some collections that you can view further – The 44-inch original, the 36-inch SC Remix, the California Native, the Rorshack Cruiser, the Native Spirit, and the Zero Dark 40.

Sector 9

Sector 9
Sector 9

It seems to be surprised that Sector 9 never stops its hot brand on the market from time to time. The good news is that you are free to hook any product randomly, but the bad news is that you’ll get stuck on a wide selection on hands. In other words, it is difficult to identify which one is the smartest choice for your situation.

To help you in this game, I divide into the collection in different series. It is based on quality or styles.

Platinum series

Platinum is the best of the best term for proving a product. With the longboards, the firm often produces boards for all of downhill and free-ride players in these series High speed and stability are a must. There is one stuff you should bear in mind is the cost. It is more expensive than other series.

Bamboo series

No matter you are going to pick a short deck or a long one, Bamboo always gives you a variety of different boards. Of course, the major material is bamboo. You possibly find out some tiny materials inside. Guess what!

Sidewinder series

If your budget is really tight, you will have another option in this brand name. Sidewinder series is a safe place to land off a top-notch board. Thanks to the good decks, wheels, and bearings, carving and cruising are easier for any skater.



Although the brand name’s so hard to spell and remember, buyers pay less attention to these points. They just focus on how well the product lines are. It has a quite thick history of making longboards (more than 20 years) in Vancouver, Canada. Today, Landyachtz has two names – Bear Trucks and Hawgs Wheels, which are outstanding and famous in the longboarding community. All of the decks, bearings, wheels, and trucks were made together to make sure similarity and real mechanism for the top-class longboards.


It is said that the Atom brand name is a well-balanced option in the community because the price tag is reasonable and the quality is also well-made. This is why the brand often gets great feedbacks from skaters as they own a worthy product from time to time.

If you are looking for a steady ride on the road, you will not miss out the Atom boards; especially for drop-through longboards. These are excellent for keeping mellow hills and cruising.

The length is suitable with a responsive maple in a deck and cut down a possible bite. All of the players can pick the right one for them no matter they are advanced skaters or just beginning.


Are you a bamboo lover and a skater at the same time? If yes, you will not want to ignore the Rayne Longboards. Based on Vancouver, Canada; the company has launched thousands of boards since 2004.

Most of the highest quality boards are made of bamboo in this brand name. They also add fiberglass in the base which makes sure that players usually get the most incredible experiences through these longboards.

In addition to the design and quality, Rayne also provides different longboard styles such as downhill rides, carves, and minis. Skaters also get many experiences on the road with cruisers, pushers, double kicks, and freestyle dancers.



Established in 1975, Yocacher was one of the oldest longboards brands in California, US. Today, their products are still modern with the requirements of skaters. This is because they have recognized that they should improve all of the boards before producing.

All of their product lines are risk-free, outstanding, long-lasting, comfortable, and affordable. When you want to upgrade to another level, the board may support you in its high-speed skating.


For those who love vintage longboard styles, you should figure out one of the Earthwing brands. Additionally, their boards are available on the flat surfaces and downhill rides only. This board is a tremendous option for some people would like to get a multi-tasked longboard. They can try cruising, light DH, freestyle, and carving.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast was born into two teenagers who live in America. Do not think that young boys cannot do a great thing for our lives. They are creative people and hard-working persons, so their products are often marvelous and peach in mind. Their mission is making a board for everyone to enjoy their skateboarding without getting any trouble.

Final Words

After narrowing down a good list of the brand on your own, you should come up with a special product on that brand name. Research is the only way to buy an ideal board for you. Then, check out the necessary information surrounding the item and your budget as well.

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